Busan sets sights on role as retail hub

Busan is planning to transform into a bustling business hub for retail, film and the Internet of Things as it hosts the nation’s seventh center for creative economy. The Busan Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, which opened on Monday, is the latest in a series of government-driven regional offices helping to nurture start-ups and venture companies across the nation.

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It is great to write about the great effort Ms. Ramirez made for us. We met her at the Aquaculture America 2014 show. She helped us introduce our products to people who showed interest at Aquaculture America 2014 very actively …

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Colombia Government, 전기차 보급

– 세계에너지협의회, 콜롬비아 내연기관 차량 대기오염 명목의 벌금 부과 권고 – – 콜롬비아 정부, 올해 6월부터 10년간 전기차 수입에 무관세 혜택 적용 –   □ 개요 ㅇ 세계보건기구(WHO) 권고 수준보다 2배 이상 높은 보고타(Bogotá)의 대기 오염 – 세계에너지협의회(World Energy Council)는 보고타의 심각한 대기 오염으로 내연기관 차량에 대해 벌금을 부과하고 전기차 보급을 추진할 것을 권고했음. – 보고타 환경국(Secretaría Distrital de Ambiente)에 따르면 2016년 보고타 시내 입경 10㎛ 이하 미세 먼지(PM10)의 평균 농도는 45.2㎍/㎥로, 세계보건기구가 설정한 가이드라인인 연평균 20㎍/㎥의 2배 이상 자료원: 보고타 환경국(Secretaría Distrital [...]

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