Investing $1 billion to modernize 14 hydroelectric plants.

Miguel López López, deputy director of administration and services of CFE, announced that CFE modernization plan will be executed as below:

“The Plan will have an investment of one billion of dollars. Fourteen plants that have decreased their reliability and the useful life of their equipment (turbine, generator, and transformer) will be modernized.”

CFE Modernization Plan would provide the following benefits:

  • Increase annual generation by 1,860 GWh.
  • Build on existing infrastructure and historic investment.
  • Avoid costs of new plants, construction times and socio-environmental problems.
  • Modernize the equipment, extending the useful life of the plants for 50 more years, strengthening the National Electricity System.

Lopez said that the 14 plants that will be modernized are expected to open by the first quarter of 2024 at the latest.

This is a Great news for Busan Companies that are in the Electric Generation Market to offer their products such as (turbine, generator and transformer) to the CFE.

KEPCO is the Korea Electric Power Corporation directory for all the companies that belong to that industry.

All company that would like to be participate as suppliers (Vendors) they need to register in the FEDERAL COMMISION OF ELECTRICITY MEXICO
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