In 1974, the Los Angeles Korean Festival Foundation was founded by the leaders of the early Korean-American community with the purpose of preserving their Korean roots after immigrating to the United States.

The Los Angeles Korean Festival continues to provide fun and exciting experiences, through its great entertainment, food vendors, a mile long parade and promotional exhibits from many different industries.

This year 2022, total of 250 booths were opened. Companies came from Korea were 116, local importers were 100, and 25 were food booths and food trucks. The festival was re-opened after 3 years from pandemic. Only one company from Busan has come this year selling ginger pills, Sopoong Made. This festival was their second visit and they recently started to list the products on Amazon. Continuously Making progress in U.S market.

This festival will be great for food related companies who are willing to make sales to consumers and to meet local buyers.