1.-The United State requesting help form Venezuela about Oil.
The United States have Sanctions for Oil Countries like Mexico and Brazil and Venezuela.
Now after many sanctions form the Unites States is asking Venezuela for Oil, but because all the scansion to the Venezuela Country has suffer, they have no structure to supply what the USA is requesting. All this is about the problem in Europe with Russia and Ukraine.
Now the USA is asking Chevron to help to do adjustment in the Oil Industry in Venezuela to produce more Oil so they can supply Europe.

This photo is Deer Park Refinery Houston and it belong 100% Mexican

2.-Now days the investment are in Mexico
The Korean company Samsung is suppling all the refinery structure to reestablish the oil energy in Mexico so It will be important to Invest in Mexico. Since Mexico Purchase Deere Park from Shell this year.
Everything stared with Samsung 3 years ago placing order for all the equipment required to assemble the refinery in Tabasco Mexico with a cost of 900 million of dollars.