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A.ro Co., Ltd is the new name of Changsung Skiving, in anticipation of a bigger jump, due to growth as the representative shoe-maker in Busan, based on the unique technological power accumulated through the production, cutting and skiving of the EVA sponge for shoes for the past 23 years since the company’s establishment in 1990.

In order to realize new values, A. ro creates the best products and services based on talent and technological power. A.ro is pursuing incessant changes and challenges for a better future. A.ro aims to be the best company based on the three tenets of the company philosophy, “trust, innovation and harmony” to lead the brighter future of man.

Product Description 

Product Features

  • Outstanding impact absorption and cushioning
  • Skin stimulus free materials
  • Non-slip safety
  • Ergonomic design


  • REPRESENTATIVE : Kim, Byoung-Moon
  • ADDRESS :  #365-7, Samrak-Dong, Sasang-Gu, Busan KOREA
  • TELEPHONE : +82-51-301-6525
  • FACSIMILES : +82-51-301-6528
  • HOMEPAGE :www.a-ro.co.kr
  • E-MAIL : bmkim@a-ro.co.kr
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