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ABLE ENC is specializing in steel structural analysis for shipbuilding and offshore/onshore plant.


ABLE ENC was founded on February 27, 2017, and obtained venture business certification in October 2017, and iso 9001 certification in December 2017. In addition, in February 2019, we established a company-affiliated research institute.
Currently, our main products are Aluminium Ship EPCI, and we are carrying out projects such as Common Structural Rules Tanker Structural Design Onshore / Offshore Plant Structural Engineering, Oil & Gas Analyzer Shelter & E-house Design/Fabrication, Concrete Batching Plant Barge Design, Construction Machine Design & Fabrication based on our experience.

Product Description 

Aluminium Ship EPCI
Most of the leisure diving boats have been made of FRP, but recently interest in eco-friendly vessels has attracted attention for the construction of leisure diving boats using aluminum alloys.
Aluminum ships have the advantage of being lightweight, and they are used for various purposes, so ship owners require various arrangements on the upper deck. However, it is difficult to design and manufacture by reflecting the contents..
However, to overcome these difficulties, Able E is designing and manufacturing the best aluminum leisure boats based on the reduction of shipments through optimization of structure and communication with ship owners using model printing using 3d printing technology.

Onshore/Offshore Design & Engineering
ABLE ENC is engaged in structural analysis of various onshore structures such as bridges, towers, and warehouse, analysis and engineering of seismic load and wind load, and structural analysis and engineering of jackets and ships as offshore structures .


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