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Advanced Illumination Technology and Engineering Company

In 1988, we founded our company with obsession with light, lamps, and full of ideas. Meanwhile, with more than 30 years of accumulated technology and know-how, we were able to produce a range of flashlights that are necessary in hardware, outdoor activities, night time leisure and operations. Our products have been proudly presented worldwide, exported to markets in the US, German, Japan, Italy, Swiss and Austria.

AITEC do business for the future. We always seek for the nest step of professionalism with our unique developments, and you will be surprised to see the results of our passion and imagination to develop innovative lamps: the latest generation of AITEC products, the I.o.T combined flashlights.

Based on our experience of producing both in Korea and China for many years, we can be a reliable partner to companies who are facing difficulties in massive development cost or with to outsource components of their product from China.



Product Description 


DIGITAL DVR LED ALUMINUM FLASHLIGHT is a flashlight combined with digital DVR function. Compact sized – one – handed design for simple and convenient operation. It has normal flashlight, 8pcs of UV LED for industrial usage (365nm), camera, and laser pointer. Flashlight allows you to light up the dark space during the inspection. It has both camera and video recording features so that you can take pictures with the torch, not only a video. (720p) Lazer pointer enables you to point an object easily whereas UV LEDs can be used for fluoroscopic flaw detection, glow detection, stored light detection, etc. It has a rechargeable battery that is built-in type which you can charge the item with magnetic charging cable. As it has flashlight and a video/camera function at the same time, you can properly deal with problems in case of an emergency more quickly.


PRO RESCUE DVR ALUMINUM FLASHLIGHT has extreme brightness and water proof / dust proof level of IP68 demonstrate that we have an impressive technological lead as well as let this model stand out from the mass of flashlights. Works with 2 X 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, it lasts for 4 hours when using the light. You can record and take a picture (full HD) while using the light, and you can see what you are recording with the LCD monitor in front. Both normal vision and night-vision available with IR equipped inside. The unique point is the GPS/compass. Real time GPS information is stored in the folder of [GPS INFO] in Micro SD card inside whenever you enter the GPS MENU from the main menu. With this feature, you can pinpoint the exact location, which can be very convenient when you are trying to find something or during rescuing people, animlas, etc. Moreover, time setting is updated automatically when GPS is available. OSD language display; Korean, English, Chinese available.


MULTI USE WIFI-DVR ALUMINUM FLASHLIGHT is the latest model of our further developments. Our developers, engineers and designers are particularly proud of this item. It is a flashlight with DVR function that has 5.0 megapixel high definition camera module, and full HD 1080P recording. It also uses non exposed IR 8PCS around the camera module which enables night vision distance upto 10meters. With 365nm UV LED 8PCS, you can also use this item for industrial, Army and Security purposes. The key marketing point of this item is that you can connect the item with Wifi for real time monitor and control via mobile APP, so real time monitoring, recording and remote controlling via your mobile phone is possible. Apart from WIFI function, this item has motion detector that automatically lights on, and goes off after 60 seconds of without movement. 2-Way Audio Communication system enables you to use this item as a personal personal security item at home. With its multi-functional features and portable design, you can use it anywhere, any time.

4. 50W rechargeable LED search light :

This rechargeable LED search light has 140,000 candela power. It is operated by 18650 li-ion rechargeable battery with IC protection produced by SAMSUNG. It runs for maximum four hours in high brightness.
It is equipped with 6mm of borosilicate toughened glass lens which enables the item to go down up to 100m in the water.

5. 1000lumens rechargeable spot-flood aluminum flashlight :

This 1000lumens rechargeable flashlight is equipped with five different optical lenses made of glass which we call a multi-lens system.
It enables the light beam to reach far whilst maintaining a perfectly circular shape of light beam. It uses four 18650 li-ion rechargeable batteries which lasts for four hours in maximum brightness.
It could be suitable for fire department, army and police station.

6. Infrared Digital Temperature Thermometer LED Flashlight :

This precise non-contact IR thermometer is highly accurate and reliable. For simple and convenient operation, it is designed as one-handed shape and compact size.
It has a laser pointer which allows easy targeting, and the LED back light is for the operation under poor illumination. There are temperatuer readings of CTT, MAX, MIN and AVG.
It is powered by 4 X AA batteries and has a 4 X adjustable zoom function.
The temperature range is between -20’C to 380’C with distance to spot ratio of 12:1.


  • PRESIDENT : President. Sang Yeon, Yoon
  • REPRESENTATIVE : Assistant Manager. Jenny Magnusson
  • ADDRESS : Rm.1010, 48 Centum Jungang-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan 48059, Korea
  • TELEPHONE : +82-51-741-6497
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