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BMK Medical was awarded the prize for thermo-affected area guard from the president of Small and Medium Business Administration at Venture Business Start-Up Competition in 2009. In 2010, the company was selected as the Small and Medium Business Corporation Support Company as well as the Small and Medium Business Corporation HIT 500 Product in 2011.The product has been honored by the Small and Medium Business Corporation, the 2011 Ministry of Knowledge Economy Regional Development Week Exhibition and the 10th World Korean Business Convention Exhibition. In addition, BMK Medical Co., Ltd was an Export Conference Participant at the 11th and 12th World Korea Business Convention in 2012 and 2013 and a Small and Medium Business festival participant.


BMK Medical Co., Ltd manufactures Thermo-Magnetic Area Guard, completed based on customer experiences through the company’s experience center and fairs in various fields for the past 3 decades.

Product Description 

Thermo-magnetic Affected Area Belt

  • Four major functions: thermotherapy+far infrared+anion+generating magnetic field
  • For senior citizens, patients, farmers, workers, soldiers, athletes, etc
  • Outstanding effect on neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, postnatal pain, before and after operation and others
  • Outstanding effect on bore-muscle system pain disease
  • New concept portable physical therapeutic apparatus (effective for muscular pain disease)
  • Product available for the following areas: shoulder, waist, knee, neck, elbow, wrist, ankle, breast, lower abdomen


  • REPRESENTATIVE : Kim, Byeong-Moon
  • ADDRESS :  140, Hasinbeonyeong-ro, Saha-gu, Busan KOREA
  • TELEPHONE : +82-51-203-9990
  • FACSIMILES :+82-51-203-9911
  • E-MAIL :


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