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DMB’s new ideology of the era is the creation of value. The DMB promise is that the company will not only focus on the manufacturing of metal bearings for machine components but also infuse the product with quality craftsmanship. DMB started as a ship division metal bearing manufacturer and with innovation and new challenges the company is able to help customers face the new era. Due to DMB’s efforts, the company now enjoys both domestic and overseas customers. DMB’s efforts are ongoing for value management with the opening of a second factory and investment in research and development. DMB’s top priority is customer value. DMB always does its best to keep its commitments with customers. DMB invites you to follow the company’s dynamic changes and new steps in the brilliant future.

Product Description 

Nuclear Power Plant

  • Liner Bearing
  • Liner & Casing ASM
  • Bearing Ring
  • Turbine Bearing Assembly

Thermal Power Plant

  • Double tilting pad bearing
  • Double tilting pad ASM
  • Elliptical Bearing Casing
  • Thrust Casing
  • Thrust Ring
  • Thrust Plate (Copper)

Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • Thrust Bearing Pad
  • Guide Bearing Pad
  • Upper Guide Pad
  • Turbine Guide Bearing Shell

Gas/Steam Power Plant

  • Gas Turbine Bearing
  • 7FH2 Bearing
  • HYD Sealring
  • SW-WLO

Industrial Plant

  • Pump Sleeve Bearing
  • Booster Pump Bearing
  • Thrust Pad Bearing
  • Guide Pad Bearing
  • Fan Sleeve Bearing
  • Compressor Thrust Bearing
  • Tilting Journal Pad Bearing ASM
  • Lube Oil Tank Bearing
  • Bushing Bearing
  • Labyrinth Seal
  • Pedestal Bearing

Ship Division

  • Cam shaft bearing and ring
  • Crosshead bearing and shell bearing
  • 35mc and 26 mc guide shoe
  • Ship engine bearing
  • Stern tube bearing
  • Intermediate shaft bearing ASM
  • Thrust pad bearing



  • REPRESENTATIVE : Jin-Guk, Jang
  • ADDRESS :  141-125, Namhang-dong 3-ga, Yeongdo-gu, Busan KOREA
  • TELEPHONE : +82-51-412-2291
  • FACSIMILES : +82-51-415-3845
  • HOMEPAGE : www.ddbrg.com
  • E-MAIL : dmb@ddbrg.com


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