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Daeseung Intercom Co., Ltd Daeseung Intercom started developing and manufacturing Arcade Games, especially the Sticker Photo Booth. There was not a single market share for a domestic supplier in the overseas market. Since then, the company was been producing and introducing various sticker photo booths in order to enter the market and supply the sticker photo booths overseas. As a result, Daeseung Intercom has gone from regular customers to 35 partners in over 16 different countries. Since 1991, the company has been a leader in the industry based on extensive knowledge and experience, not just a survivor in the age of globalization. Daesung Intercom wants to be remembered as a business that makes a contribution to the development of the international electronics and entertainment industries with enhanced international prestige.

Product Description 

Sticker Vending Machines

  • Mini Mini: photo booth in mini album style
  • Bling Bling:
  • Sweet Holic:
  • Free Style:
  • Love Star Slim:
  • Love Star:
  • Digi Box 2 (ID Photo)


  • REPRESENTATIVE : Lee, Pom Taek
  • ADDRESS :  1601~1609, Knn Tower, Centumseo-Ro, Hauendae-Gu, Busan, KOREA
  • TELEPHONE : +82-70-8644-4811
  • FACSIMILES : +82-51-781-6081
  • HOMEPAGE : www.daeseung.com
  • E-MAIL : btlee@daeseung.com
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