Dong Bo Chain has been engaged in the manufacturing of chains since its establishment in 1962. DBC continues to be a pioneer in the chain industry, guiding factory automation since the early days of industrialization in Korea. The DBC quality standard is the company’s foundation and has been based on customer expectations for over half a century. DBC will continue to supply customers with qualified products by focusing on research and development and challenging itself in order to reward its faithful customers.

Product Description 

Roller Chain

  • Ansi Standard Series
  • BS/DIN Standard Series
  • Heavy Series
  • Super Heavy Series
  • Straight Side Plate Chain
  • KilowattRating Tables

Small Pitch Conveyor Chain

  • Standard Attachment Chain
  • Double Pitch Chain
  • Double Pitch Attachment Chain
  • Hollow Pin Chain

Free Flow Chain

  • Double Plus Chain
  • Standard Top Roller Chain
  • Side Roller Chain
  • Center Roller Chain

Leaf Chain

Large Pitch Conveyor Chain

  • Standard Conveyor Chain
  • Bushed Type Conveyor Chain
  • For Specialty Application
  • Bearing Roller Chain
  • Bucket Elevator Chain
  • Flow Conveyor Chain
  • Case Conveyor Chain
  • Block Chain
  • Deep Link Chain
  • Side Roller Conveyor Chain
  • Top Roller Conveyor Chain

Specialty Chains

  • Environment Resistant Chain
  • Marine Diesel Engine Chain
  • Motorcycle Drive Chain
  • Leaf Chain
  • O-Ring Chain
  • Self-Lubricating Bushing Chain
  • Timing Chain
  • Side Bow Chain
  • Escalator Chain
  • Tenter Chain
  • Wicket Chain
  • O-Ring Pin Oven Chain
  • Flat Top Coil Chain
  • Slat Chain for Automobile Assembly
  • Skid Chain for Automotive Assembly
  • Trolley Chain (Overhead)
  • Chain for Water Industry/Sewage Treatment
  • Agriculture Chain
  • Apron Chain
  • Sugar Mill Chain
  • Detachable Chain

Environment Resistant Chain

  • Stainless Steel Chain Series
  • Nickel Plated Chain
  • Chromium Plating Chain
  • Zinc Galvanizing Chain
  • Dacortized Chain

Lube Free

  • Economic Chain
  • Environmentally Friendly Chain
  • Compatible Chain
  • Construction


  • Sprocket for ANSI Standard Roller Chain
  • Sprocket for Standard Conveyor Chain
  • Sprocket for Standard Roller Chain
  • Sprocket for Double Pitch Chain
  • Sprocket for Standard Conveyor Chain




  • ADDRESS :  940-20, Yerim-Li, Chunggwan-Myon, Kijang Kun, Busan, KOREA
  • TELEPHONE : +82-51-727-6911
  • FACSIMILES : +82-51-727-6917
  • E-MAIL :
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