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Dut was established in 1992 and became a leading manufacturer & specialist in the field of Hign PU Solutions inculding Foam Machine`s, Mix Heads, Metering Pump, and kind of PU Applications in Korea.
DUT’s slogan is “Solution for Polyurethane”. It means we do not just sell the product but care of products until customer’s satisfaction.
Our technology of polyurethane is started from customer’s need and finished by their satisfaction.
DUT has established in 1992 and became a leading company as manufacturer & specialist in field of High Pressure PU Solutions including PU products(Motion bed, PU Mattress, Funtionality Pillow) Foaming Machine, Mixing Head, Metering Pump and all kinds of PU Applications in Korea.
DUT started PU business with high quality of Mixing Head which is core of PU technology then the business expanded to all kinds of PU applications. DUT’s market share of this field is getting bigger rapidly and customer’s feedback of satisfaction for the DUT’s quality and service has been making strong band power.



● BNP Healspine Mattress
BNP Mattress is a genaral household foam mattress composed of a comfort layer that primarily distributes body pressure, a support layer divided into seven levels according to the himan body`s structure, and a base layer that supports the upper two.
BNP mattresses are designed to maintain comfort through any movement.
The world`s first “elasticity” and “hardness” concept is applied to the bed to focus on optimal pressure dispersion.

Product Description 

Why Healspine Mechanism?

● Vertical Structure
Piling up isn`t the point, The point is different firmness with different resilience respectively

● Tune In to the Body
Healspine mattress provides clear comfort thanks to BNP`s foaming technology for multi-firmness and multi-resilience.

● Release Your Body
If a mattress is either too soft or too hard, it affects on your spine mis-aligned and it causes unnecessary tension. Healspine smoothly fills up the space between you and a mattress so you sleep freely in deep relaxation.


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