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Eden started its business by importing medical equipment in 1990. Currently, the company manufactures and exports medical equipment like obesity therapy and physio therapy apparatuses in the worldwide market.

Product Description 

e~Chewing Sense: a functional disposable brush filled with xylitol and spearmint, a refreshing and bracing feeling can be felt when rubbed on teeth and gingival using teeth and tongue

  • Functional finely processed special toothbrush hair
  • Prevention of periodontal diseases by massaging teeth and gingiva
  • FDA certified raw material and natural xylitol used
  • Everyone, young and old, can use easily, without water, toothbrush and goggle, anytime and any place

Ultra Shape: destroys fat cells spread 15 mm deep inside the skin using ultrasonic 230 Khz wave. The shock wave destroys fat cells by converting periodic vibration of sound wave into physical vibration but never hurts other organs

  • Scientific and medical: destroys unnecessary fat cells using a non-invasive ultrasound
  • Concentrated ultrasonic energy destroys body fat beneath the skin selectively without damaging other tissues (blood vessel, nerve)
  • Treats fat cells without omission by real-time tracking system
  • Anesthesia and sedatives are not necessary since you will only experience warmth and numbness and no pain during treatment
  • Cells are discharged from the body through a the natural metabolism process
  • Walk-in and walk-out

Ultra Wave: special treatment apparatus uses ultrasound with 140 Khz frequency without the need for anesthesia or surgery unlike surgical procedures

  • Safe Medical Equipment without Surgery Made in Korea
  • Treatment of desired area, concentrating all energy of shock waves generated by ultrasound with 140 Khz frequency
  • Reduces ringing of ears, which is the biggest defect of ultrasounds
  • No damage to blood vessels, nerves, skin tissue, etc after the treatment
  • No pain, just a warm sensation only felt during the treatment for 30 minutes
  • Patient can return to normal life immediately after the treatment without follow-up management
  • Safe and simple treatment without anesthesia or surgery
  • Side Roller Chain
  • Center Roller Chain

Gaemihuri SPA

  • Enhances mental function as well as physiologic function by stimulating spots on the body suitable for acupuncture using heat, buoyancy and massage
  • Improves the functions of internal organs helping blood circulation while enjoying lower-body bathing without water
  • Relieves constipation  through twist abdomen exercise and cautery around the belly button, which moisturizes the skin and has a synergy effect on dieting person
  • Rotating Acupressure Bar: Six rotating acupressure bars enhance blood circulation of internal organs by stimulating the bellybutton area
  • Everyone can use by wearing the belt


  • REPRESENTATIVE : Kim, Chang-Sin
  • ADDRESS :  60 Centumbukdae-ro, Hauendae-ku Busan, KOREA (No. 1508 Centum IS Tower)
  • TELEPHONE : +82-51-526-3010
  • FACSIMILES :+82-51-780-8009
  • HOMEPAGE : www.eden21.net
  • E-MAIL : eden2100@hanmail.net
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