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Established SMS Company in January 2015 Started exporting, manufacturing and selling ‘Infiniapp’, which is a mobile phone cradle, popsockets and carcradle,
and established a corporation in May of 2017 from SMS Company to Funshine
Completion of venture business certification in November of this year, establishment of company affiliated research institute in January, 2018
The company’s vision of “shining the world with fun products”
Funshine continues to evolve through its mission with 10 core values.
We have achieved annual sales of KRW 18.6 billion from KRW 100 million in capital to 2017, and are launching the “OPTATUM” brand, which is the first in the world to find the right incense for you.
We are launching and distributing Dress perfumes, Natural soaps, and Car air fresheners, Hand Cream starting with the Optatum diffuser. We are preparing a variety of products including Bodycare and other products.
In the year of 2018, it achieved the $10 million export tower on the 55th Trade Day hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy,
Currently, we have concluded a supply contract with ‘franc franc’, Japan’s largest editorial shop.
Domestic department store stores and duty-free shops are sold to domestic hotels and interior and fragrance marketing is being carried out.


Diffuser, Dress perfume, Hand Cream, Car Air freshener, Soap

Product Description 

The Optatum brand is the finest premium essence oil in the Grasse region of France. It is a 100% natural grain base that does not contain any chemical properties.
The Optatum brand launched in lineup with a diffuser, a dress perfume, a soap and a car perfume. a hand cream
Diffusers are elegant and stylish glass bottles designed and preserved with special preservation of flowers, preserved for over three to five years, has been spotlighted as the effect of interior and marketing of fragrance.
DressPerfume is a product that you can carry at any time with the fragrance that suits you. It is a luxury product that can be put into a bag or pouch with a luxurious package and black bottle design.
Optatum Soap is a natural functional soap (CP) that focuses on six things (low irritation, muscle relaxation, all-in-one, fine dust / pore cleaning, whitening /
Car air freshener is sold in EVA stones and refill incense with the concept of good fortune through 12 constellations in black design which is suitable for various vehicles.
It is a non-sticky, moisturizing hand cream based on natural scent. It is a product that catches your heart.


  • ADDRESS : Unit 1102, 21, Centum 6-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
  • TELEPHONE : +82-51-747-8858
  • FACSIMILES : +82-51-747-8896
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