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ITC is a tissue manufacturing company who believes in the quality of life. We are committed to value that can be enhanced through our fine products.

We have been dedicated to supplying a wide range of innovative and distinct hygienic products for around 40 years. To improve your quality of life, all types of our tissue products are made from 100% virgin pulp as well as other well-selected ingredients. More reliable daily use products will improve your day to day comfort.
Our tissue has been advanced through our consistent studies and effort. Double sided embossing technology on 4 ply tissue is patented which provides consistent quality.

Furthermore, we will focus on making environmentally friendly products, which prove sustainable, regardless of the amount it is used.

We will always listen to our consumers’ voice in order to enhance our product quality.


Toilet paper/ Facial tissue/ Kitchen towel/ Flushable wipes/ germ removal wet wipes/ Baby diaper

ITC own brand/Hello Kitty/My Melody/ Pokemon/ Samyang

Product Description 

4-PLY toilet paper is a result of our technical advancement. We have been committed to developing a double sided emboss process which creates air space, providing a premium softness compared to any other tissues. ITC’s very own Ultra Power Embossing method prevents separation of sheets during use. Hello Kitty Gold label is an example of our technical superiority for which the manufacturing process is patented and verified. It is made with natural pulp to create a safe and trustworthy product for our customers. It contains ink harmless to humans. You will notice the difference in weight between our product and other 2-ply/3-ply tissues. Lovely Hello Kitty comes to your place and makes your family smile.


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