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Keysung Metal Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in EPC plants, shipbuilding and mar valves. The company has been contributing to the world’s construction, marine plant, and shipbuilding industries by supplying to major construction companies and dockyards and exporting to the Middle East, Japan, U.S., and Europe, thanks to ceaseless R&D and rich experience since its foundation in 1985. In addition, based on accumulated technology, Keysung Metal Co., Ltd. has developed an ultra-low temperature valve, land/marine plant valve, nuclear generation valve, among others, to put forth its best efforts for customer satisfaction by producing and supplying new products with complete quality and credibility as well as advanced technologies.

Product Description 

Gate, Globe Valves


Ball Valves


  • REPRESENTATIVE : Jong-Soo, Kim
  • ADDRESS :  #1478-2, Songjeong-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan, KOREA
  • TELEPHONE : +82-51-831-3391~8
  • FACSIMILE: +82-51-831-3390
  • E-MAIL :
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