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KMC has been engaged in the area of fishing equipment and tackle for Deep Sea Squid Vessels at home and abroad along with the affiliated Eunpa Jeil Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd, specializing in manufacturing  squid jigs and related fishing gear since 1987.  KMC is equipped with the most up-to-date fishing hook assembly line and technical expertise resulting from innovative and continued research and development to cope with an ever-changing domestic and overseas market. The company is prepared to meet customers’ varied tastes and enjoys an excellent reputation as a leader in the field.  In keeping step with the new economic order of the 21st century, all our staff promises to do its best for a reliable and global corporation.

Product Description 

Squid Jig


  • Falkland, Argentina, & New Zealand Squid Jig
  • The North Pacific and Peru Squid Jig
  • Peru Jumbo Squid Jig
  • Coastal & Yariika Squid Jig
  • Squid Hook/Spare Parts/Construction

Squid Fishing Tackle, Equipment

  • Fishing Tackle
  • Sea Anchor
  • Jigging Machine

Lighting System

  • Aerial Lighting System
  • Underwater Lighting System
  • Lighting Cable

Saury Fishing Tackle, Equipment

  • Halogen lamp
  • Red lamp
  • Searchlight Lamp
  • 8” fish hose
  • 6M FRP Floater
  • 13M Lighting Pole
  • Power Roller

Tuna Fishing Tackle, Equipment

  • Tuna Hook/Snap
  • Swivel
  • Nylon Mono Main Line, Branch
  • Sealight, Clip
  • Bait throwing machine/Auto Fishing Gear
  • Radio Buoy/Sei Call Buoy
  • Tuna Float Buoy
  • Working Tools
  • Imitation Bait
  • Tuna Accessories

Rope, Shackle, Steel Wire

Fishing/Merchant Vessel Equipment Marine Equipment

  • Oil Filtering Equipment
  • Fresh Water Generator
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Kitchen Goods

Coldproof Goods Leisure Fishing Tackle

Marine Product Sale, Bait Sale


  • REPRESENTATIVE : Park, Cheonman
  • ADDRESS :  551 Shinpyeong-dong, Saha-gu Busan KOREA
  • TELEPHONE : +82-51-206-4239
  • FACSIMILE: +82-51-202-4927
  • HOMEPAGE : http://www.kmcjig.com/
  • E-MAIL : kmc@kmcjig.com
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