MK Global Co., the marketing wing of Mika Medical Co., is one of the fastest growing organizations in needle-free jet injection technology situated in “Dynamic Busan”, South Korea. ‘Comfort-in’ needle-free injection technology is CE certified (CE 0120) within the European Union for the subcutaneous administration of insulin suitable for jet injection. Since 2009, ‘Comfort-in’ is being manufactured in South Korea and categorized as a Class II B device according to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. Mika Medical Co. has also been awarded ISO 9001:2000 and ISO: 13485 certification. The scope of the certification covers design, manufacture, final inspection, and sale of needle-free injection systems for insulin administration.

Product Description 

Comfort-in System

  • Injector Body: 3 choices for providing a comfortable injection Normal-to be used in patients with more fatty tissue, (particularly in the abdomen/thighs) or other areas of the body which require more pressure, Medium-for patients who find “normal” injections painful, soft-for dental use (anesthesia of the gums) or aesthetic use (mesotherapy) with the appropriate nozzle cap. Since it is a soft injection, this is the right choice for use in children
  • Pressure Lever: used to activate/wind the spring inside the injector prior to injection
  • Pressure Box:  used to activate the spring inside the injector prior to injection just like the pressure lever. It is designed for ease of use. User can load the injector just by inserting it into pressure box and closing the pressure box cover for activating the spring
  • Filling Adapters: allow the needle-free syringe/nozzle to be filled with the requisite liquid medication from the appropriate vial. The adapter along with its cap is available in individual sterile packs: vial adapter, pen adapter, cartridge adapter, T adapter, Luer adapter
  • Nozzle: needle-free nozzle (syringe) is a single use, transparent body capable of holding  0.5 ml/50 units of any given subcutaneous liquid medication, a plunger to discharge the medication through a micro-orifice at the tip of nozzle, and a rubber seal at the topmost tip of the plunger to prevent leakage and/or air bubbles while filling. The tip of the nozzle/syringe comes in direct contact with the user’s skin: it is therefore supplied in a sterile blister pack and intended for single use only.
  • Nozzle Cap: the nozzle cap for dental anesthesia helps with the positioning  of the nozzle on the gums for accurate injection


  • REPRESENTATIVE : Lee, Jennifer
  • ADDRESS :  Rm. 1208, 1210 Byuksan E-centum Class I, Jaesong-Dong, Haewundae-Gu, Busan, KOREA
  • TELEPHONE : +82-51-781-6040
  • FACSIMILES : +82-51-781-6081
  • E-MAIL :
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