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Onnoori Industrial Co. has produced many products, including health sandals, health shoes, massage sandals, massage shoes, healthmat, massage  mat, acupuncture, acupressyre, sandals, slippers, acupuncture hand grip, massage mat, hand grip, foot massage soles, etc. The company is

encouraged by several patents and awards of international competition as well as selection

of superior inventions.The CANTOS sandals and slippers are manufactured utilizing acupuncture stimulation on users’ blood pressure points across sole of the feet to improve users’ health. Onnoori Industrial Co. is expanding business not only to Korea but also to foreign countries with international patents and gained great applause at the 2001 Tokyo “Korea-Japan Super Expo.” The company started exporting to Japan after being introduced in the  Japan Dongyang Economics Newspaper as the unique health product of Korean small and medium companies. Onnoori Industrial Co. is also performing export activities to Japan by participating in”The 25th Osaka International Sample Exhibition” as a member of the Busan booth and having consultations with buyers with the Cantos products exhibited at the JETRO International Exhibition.

Product Description 

Room Slipper for Foot Massage

Diet Sandal and Slipper for Foot Massage

Healthcare Sandal and Acupuncture Slipper

Canto Swing Diet Walking Shoes

Health and Acupressure Mat, Acupuncture Insole


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