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We, Sambotec, are a reliable home product partner for global buyer. Since 2009, Sambotec’s passion and technology brought innovative new ideas into home products industry. We have tried to be the best company in quality, price and customer service.
Sambotec Co.,Ltd is an export-oriented company with a perfect combination of products research, design, manufacturing and marketing. We have a systematic and healthy management, professional experience, a talented worker and great ability for producing products.
According to different customers need, habits and surroundings, we are focusing on producing and updating chair leg caps and baby safety products and others for developing customer’s lifetime.
We’d kindly like to put our professional and prudent attitude into practice and cooperate with you hand in hand to the bright future.


Baby Safety Locks (BEBESAFE), Chair Leg Caps (CHAIR SUFER)

Product Description 

1. Baby Safety Locks

We know you don’t want your baby to be hurt and the best solution to stop that from happening is to to block his access to that specific thing that can be a source of his pain. The most straight forward way to do that: With a lock. However, many people who are trying to use the usual types of locks find out quickly that all of them suffer from design problems. Some take too much time to open so people end up taking them off and never putting them back which results in accidents happening. Some are difficult to use in certain situations or are just too expensive. This is and never will be the case for our locks because, unlike everything else that we saw when we needed something similar, this was actually designed with parents in mind! The installation is easy, they are safe and the price is affordable. If, after years of using one of our locks, you decide to remove it because your child can take care of him now and it’s not needed anymore, you can do that easily. It won’t even leave any residues or discolor your furniture like most other locks, thanks to our patented design!

2. Chair Leg Caps

SAMBOTEC Chair leg caps : The best quality of chair leg cap Ever, To protect your precious floors & furniture!) Have you experience harsh grating and scratches, damaged floors and chair legs when moving your furniture? Have you ever use cheaply made stick-on pads and have trouble constantly falling off and easily wearing out?  SAMBOTEC chair leg caps can be your wise choice!

  • Never Do Not Fall Off – The height of both felt and teflon of our chair leg caps are relatively thicker and higher than similar products! Also they grip the chair legs gently and securely without falling off.
  • Durable & Friction Free – With thick bottom of chair leg caps and cushioned felt-padded base to allow your chairs to glide smoothly and quietly along any floor to prevent scratched, scrapes or harsh grating. Also help protect tile and wood floors and furniture legs and making moving chairs more easily.
  • 100% nontoxic, safe for your children and pets – Both TPE and Elastomer which is fused with the felt via thermal compression. The best quality of our products are to ensure higher durability and withstands the rigors of everyday use.


  • REPRESENTATIVE : Curtis Yang | US manager
  • ADDRESS : 21756 Redwood Canyon Place Santa Clarita, CA 91390
  • TELEPHONE : 818-741-6471
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