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Sea Herb Co., Ltd  was established in 1998 to extract and market life-extending materials from special marine plants and herbs through a special patented technology called Low Weight Molecular Technology. The company’s two special products are Pure Skin, which is Sea Herb’s marine-derived liquid natural skin care product and Seaherb Fucoidan, which is available in pill, capsule, and tablet form. Sea Herb also  supplies extracted raw materials in liquid bulk or powder bulk form. The company’s patented Low Weight Molecular Technology increases the absorption rate of Seaherb Fucoidan by up to 57%! This compares to a 7% absorption rate without our patented processing method. Sea Herb Co., Ltd. focuses on developing new technology and testing methods by collaborating with the science departments of universities. The company passed food safety tests by the United States Food and Drug Administration for Seaherb Fucoidan. Sea Herb is especially proud to have received the ISO 1 4001 and ISO 9001 for production and manufacturing methods. Sea Herb Co., Ltd. is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the best nutritional supplements and skin care products in the world. The company currently export to 15 nations around the globe.

Product Description 

Pure Skin                          

  • completely clear, liquid, natural skin care and beauty product and is dispensed in an easy to use spray applicator
  • contains over 45% pure brown sea algae extract, as well as other beneficial ingredients
  • Other cosmetic companies can only include 2-3% of seaweed extract in their cosmetic products because sea algae are extremely sticky, even in low concentrations, and therefore difficult for the skin to absorb.
  • The contents of the Fucoidan seeds are micronized and the leaves or stalks of the sea algae are not used because the leaves and the stalks are of an inferior quality for skin care. Micronization means a radically reduction in size, and therefore dramatically improved skin absorption and utilization. The technology that makes this possible is Sea Herb Co., Ltd.’s patented Low Molecular Weight Compound Technology.  As a result of this patented technology and extraction method, the Pure Skin can be rapidly absorbed by skin upon application.  
  • The specially micronized marine-derived substances found in Pure Skin moisturize soften the skin, improves blood circulation, and transforms damaged skin back to healthy skin

Dried Wakame

  • Stem and leaf included
  • Preserved seaweed with salt

  Seaherb fuicoidan

  • Nutritional supplement with best fucoidan nutrients in the world
  • 100% natural with no supplements
  • Extremely concentrated, using patented extraction method, an amazing 278 kilograms of brown sea algae, called Fucoidan (Laminaria japonica), are harvested to extract just 1 kilogramabout 2 pounds-of the Fucoidan found in Seaherb Fucoidan!

  Dried Seatangle Mehibi Salted Wakame Stem & Leaf Red Algae Green Algae


  • ADDRESS :  719, Byucksan-e-centum class one, 99, Centum dong-ro, Hauendae-gu, BUSAN
  • TELEPHONE : +82-51-322-3531
  • FACSIMILES : +82-51-317-3532
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