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SJE Corporation, Ltd. (also known as “SJE Corp”) was established in 1991 in Busan, Korea. The company first focused on introducing European commercial and industrial high pressure washers to the Korean market. Within years, SJE Corp became the # 1 household reseller name in the high pressure washer industry in Korea. In the year 2002, the company started targeting the steam cleaner market in Korea. The demand for steam cleaning equipments was steadily increasing as people needed a new way to clean carpet, upholsteries, and others because of westernized lifestyle. With repeated sales increase, the company sought to provide users something similar to a domestic steam cleaner, but an industrial version. It had to be much more powerful and durable than ones on the market. After years of research and trials, SJE Corp introduced Optima Steamer Series to the Korean market in 2004.The company developed a steam cleaning machine, “Optima Steamer”, with its expertise and technology gained from many years of manufacturing cleaning equipments since 1991. Optima Steamers’ user-friendly applications, water-saving design, and superb quality made it possible for customers from over 70 countries around the world to enjoy and benefit from steam wash and cleaning. SJE is Corporation is committed to continuous research and the development of advanced steam cleaning equipment to fulfill various customers’ needs around the world for many years to come.

As a “green” manufacturer, SJE Corporation takes pride in producing high-quality products, No.1 customer satisfaction and its commitment to the preservation of the environment.

SJE Corporation believes its products will benefit your business and the environment.

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Optima Steamer Diesel-Run Models

Optima Steamer Electric-Run Models

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