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Winnie Connie is a manufacturer specialized in general leisure sporting goods. 
For past 40 years since its establishment, with accumulated technology and experience, Winnie Connie developed and manufactured various Water Activity Goods, Inflatable Toys, Marine Safety Products, Ocean Leisure Equipment and Inflatable Camping Products from its plants in Busan Korea, Paju Korea and Shenzhen China. Moreover, by having offices at Seoul, China and US, Winnie Connie wishes to become a lifelong friend of many customers from around the world to make leisure activity safer and pleasant.
Winnie Connie considers customers and partners as the most valuable asset, and will continue to maintain a sincere attitude.


Daily Care Products:
Nai-B Baby Inflatable Versatile Bed Gray/Pink
Nai-B Inflatable Baby Feeding Cushion Gray/Mint
Nai-B Hamster Inflatable Baby Bathtub Mint/Pink
Nai-B K Hamster Inflatable Baby Chair Mint/Pink

Baby Swim Products:

Step 1 – Newborn:
Nai-B Hamster Baby Neck Swim Tube Mint/Pink

Step 2 – Under 2 kids:
Nai-B Hamster Swim Mom Mint/Pink

Step 3 – Over 2 kids:
Nai-B K Hamster Cushion Spaceship Baby Walker Swim Tube Mint/Pink
Nai-B K Hamster Cushion Parasol Baby Walker Swim Tube Mint/Pink
Nai-B K Star Arm Band Swim Jacket Mint/Pink

Product Description 

Daily Care Products:
Our daily care products are focused for everyday use while caring for your baby such as bathing, feeding, and supporting your infant. Our products are shock absorbing with an air chamber structure inflatable product. Therefore it is a safe and eco-friendly product that will guarantee that your child is safe and sound at all times.

Baby Swim Products:
We offer a variety of Swim products ranging from Newborn, under 2, and older than 2-year-old children that come in a variety of colors and cute designs. Our products are made of durable and eco-friendly material that will aid your child’s safety as well as development both in and outside of the water. Our tubes come with two air chambers therefore in case of an emergency of one chamber being demolished, the safety of your child will not be at risk.


  • REPRESENTATIVE : Won Taek Cho, US Branch Manager and Global Marketing Manager
  • ADDRESS : 4801 Wilshire Blvd Suite 220, Los Angeles, CA 90010
  • TELEPHONE : +1-323-272-4656
  • FACSIMILES : +1-323-272-4650
  • E-MAIL :


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