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Woodsair’s goal and corporate philosophy is to make clean, healthy, and natural products as Woods air for happy families.
Woodsair is an effort to scientifically researching, high-quality designing, safely producing, and supplying nature-friendly products that safeguard children and help the health of all their families.
Many customers who have used Woodsair products are recommending their family, friends, and coworkers to people who share their satisfaction and happiness.
It is very important and valuable to make customers feel happy, so Woodsair takes great pride.


[Aisonsafe] Children safety products
[Woodsair] Functional flower pot
[Efelstar] Functional Insole

Product Description 

  1. Hand protection door (No Gap Door)
  2. Children Safety Products(Door Finger Pinch guard, Stair Anti-skid Pad, Furniture Corner Protection Pad etc.)
  3. Efelstar Champ Insole for exercise enthusiasts
  4. Efelstar Weight-customized foot and knee protection Insole
  5. Funeral wood coffin Combined pet furniture


  • PRESIDENT : Seoyeon Kim
  • ADDRESS : 5312 Ho, 3F, 47, Jurye-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
  • TELEPHONE : +82-55-337-2012
  • FACSIMILES : +82-55-335-8084
  • HOMEPAGE : woodsair.co.kr
  • E-MAIL : woodsair.k@gmail.com
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