Young Chang Eco Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. In 1988, the company became an OEM collaborator with Nike, Reebok and Adidas. Since its establishment, Young Chang Eco  has worked to enrich the lives of humans and its customers by providing the world’s best insole with a dedicated team focused on quality innovation through research and development.  Young Chang Eco has pushed itself with the development of new technology and the establishment of a state of the art manufacturing process and research center. The company is focused on making the world’s top products to be competitive internationally. With future oriented marketing and customer oriented service, it will rise to become a global company by actively targeting domestic and international markets. Young Chang Eco, with a goal of promoting a healthy and enriched life through the best products, will pioneer international markets with its changing and innovative approach, in order to get closer to the worldwide customer.

Product Description 

Air Foam

  • Air permeability: outstanding air circulation through the gaps on the pad provide comfort all day long
  • Shock Absorption: many buffers on the pad evenly disperse the load. Shock absorption protects musculoskeletal and perfectly supports foot arch. The pad’s amazing flexibility and restorative properties remove odors and maintain foot health

Air Flow

  • Ergonomically designed (System EVA) to absorb shock and support foot arch through air flow. Contains Poron, a shock absorber with outstanding restoration and cushioning
  • Natural walking action enables air circulation to actively support arch (2 way TPU air bag)
  • Insole support and distortion prevention design (Shank) erect the spinal, allowing an ideal walking posture to change landing pattern
  • High heel helps the body lean forward to prevent scoliosis and arch strengthening exercise (arch activation) prevents flattening of foot arch
  • Prevents pelvis, knee joint, lumbar disc, shoulder and neck disease caused by excessive flattening of the foot and arch as the foot with expanded ligament becomes weak with age

Arch Support

  • Poron, a shock absorber with excellent restorative and cushioning properties, protects twist with its dual hardness plate and is designed to support the arch (shank)
  • BY applying 3D designed fitting (3D Structure Mold) to each customized foot shape, it disperses shock and provides the optimal height of arch for supporting the weight. This helps a person have an ideal body balance to prevent skeletal disease of the pelvis, knee joint and lumbar.


  • Functional magnetic vibrator installed in the heel facilitates blood flow and doubles the effect of dementia prevention and exercising
  • Magnetic vibrator uses kinetic energy produced by the body’s pure movement to generate useful vibrating energy, which decreases a sense of fatigue and maintains the healthy condition of feet


  • Customized premium arch support, ergonomic design, and optimal structure provide the best wearability and absorb the shock
  • Applied materials for preventing shock and promoting comfortable walking
  • Body weight is evenly distributed to promote improvement in balance and stability
  • Recommended for people with diseases related to the musculoskeletal and the foot


3Step Arch Support

  • Choose one of three supporters that will create the appropriate height for you and prevent the collapse of the foot arch
  • Increase contact with your shoes to diminish shoe weight and obtain an outstanding shock dispersion effect
  • Helps maintain ideal arch height to support weight and decrease fatigue



  • Designed to fit well with body structure customized and premium arch support
  • When walking and exercising, weight produced is ideally dispersed to decrease the pressure put on joints and lumbar, spinal and neck and prevent damage


  • Works for about 8 hours with one time charging
  • Appropriate for outdoor activities in intense cold
  • High-tech temperature adjusting system emits heat automatically if the temperature of the shoe liner drops below a certain degree
  • Functional liner absorbs shock, supports foot arch, provides outstanding odor removal



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