The Fincantieri will make an investment of the millennium in Mexico 2022

Merida Yucatan

The project, the product of an agreement between the Italian company Fincantieri and the Government of that state, will have an investment of between 300 and 500 million dollars in 2022.
The Italian company Fincantieri announced an agreement with the Government of Yucatán to install the largest shipbuilding and maintenance center in Mexico for Latin America. “Particularly cruise ships, large oil and gas freighters, which need complex operations. The infrastructure will also have a lifting platform for units up to 150 meters in length”

Once the shipyard reaches its full operational capacity, it will be able to receive around 700 full-time employees and a supply chain that will involve 2,500 workers in high demand seasons, reported Fincantieri.
It Is important that BMEA (Ship Parts Manufactures) spared the news about this event between Mexico and the Italian Fincantieri Company.
Busan companies could have the opportunity to approach Fincantieri to offer their services to all customers that they might have for the new Shipyard in Progresso.
Fincantieri is investing on this project due to another project (Interoceanic canal) that Mexico has creating the in-land canal in the south part of country connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico and where many ships will be arriving to Mexico transferring the merchandise for west coast to the east coast.